How Best To Ruin A Good Vacation

How Best To Ruin A Good Vacation

The most attractive part of a good vacation is the traveling and meeting of new folks.  With the people that you meet, there are those who give you memorable times and then those that give experiences.  Speaking of the experiences, there are times when it can be the really bad experiences too.  What would further complicate matters is that the bad experiences can be at far off lands and far from familiar places and systems.

How would any traveler feel to getting robbed and more so in a strange country? There are a lot of places where the traveler aims to visit for the serenity of the location as well as the affordability of the venue.  Of course there are the times when places take to promotions to better engage the traveler regarding the needs and requirements of a stay.

An account of my learning experience

In the very recent past, we traveled down to Cannes, for a brief visit.  As is the popular choice of stay these days, we used AirBnB to rent out an accommodation at the location.  We as was the habit, went out to have a good time and once on our return, it was evident that some of our belongings have been rifled through.

This had us make a quick search and it was evident that a pair of leather designer shoes could not be located.  Our host, Steeve Monterin, was duly contacted and he assured us there has not been anyone inside the apartment but us and most probably the items under consideration has been misplaced.

On his insistence, we then proceeded to make a further search of the rooms to be doubly sure and it was evident that the pair of leather designer shoes were not in sight anywhere.  This was duly communicated to Steeve Monterin, where upon he came to the property and then proceeded to try and find our missing belongings.  But to no avail.

What could have happened?

There really is no logical explanation as to how a good expensive pair of shoes could go missing from a locked premise if indeed the place had been secured enough in the first place.  Steeve Monterin, did not even bother to explain how the items could have gone missing and was not in the least bit helpful towards amicably settling the issue.

It is obvious that some had the access to our accommodation to make away with the pair of shoes and naturally the suspicion should have fallen on the complexity of Steeve Monterin in the very matter.

How Best To Ruin A Good Vacation

Further action

Since the accommodation was arranged by AirBnB, a reputed service provider, we did make the occurrences plain and evident on the site.  The review of our stay at Steeve’s was removed and we did receive a curt communication from the administrators of AirBnB of our undesirable posting of negative comments.

We further plan to pursue the matter with the relevant law enforcement agencies and seek remedy to our suffering and more importantly hold Steeve Monterin to account.

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