Nintendo DS Movie Player Plays Movies and Music

Nintendo DS Movie Player Plays Movies and Music

I’m constantly looking for the current devices and video game devices. Be they from 3rd party makers or from the system developers themselves. I have to confess that when I initially heard about Nintendo’s Movie Player include on for the Nintendo DS, I was really shocked.

The factor for my surprise was rather basic. You see, I’ve seen films on my Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, well, because their release date, with an actually wonderful little device called the NDS/ GBA Movie gamer.

After doing some browsing on Google, I am similarly amazed that more Nintendo DS (or Game Boy Advance) owners have actually declined this really unexampled device for their Nintendo DS. It appears that maybe with all the buzz around the Sony PSP and it’s filmed playing abilities, we’ve all ignored to have a look at the less expensive Nintendo DS as anything aside from a portable video game system.

What truly made this device a should purchase for myself, was that in addition to films, I was likewise able to pay attention to my MP3 music on my Nintendo DS too – much as Sony PSP owners can. I will not enter into the argument regarding which portable system is much better, or provides more.  That’s would negate the substantial factor for this post, which is merely to reveal Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance owners that their fun little portable video game system can play all kinds of media files too.

Movie Player

The GBA/NDS Movie Player allows you to utilize your Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, or Game Boy Micro to play video and audio files and check out e-books from top gba games Compact Flash cards. And prior to you believe that you’ll just be able to see motion picture clips or short movies, let me be clear in specifying that you can view a whole complete length motion picture with the Movie Player.

Nintendo DS Movie Player Plays Movies and Music

You can in fact take any DVD film you own, and transform it with the consisted of the software application to be played back on your Nintendo DS system. Exactly what this implies is that you’re not stuck purchasing numerous variations of the exact same motion picture to enjoy that film on the go.

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