Top 6 Websites and Tools to Detect Malware and Threats – Be Alert!

Top 6 Websites and Tools to Detect Malware and Threats – Be Alert!

With the daily internet usage, malware is no new term for the internet users. Often, we get reports of malware disturbing the experience of users. Moreover, Malware is one of those lethal internet elements which can ruin your important documents and security. So, if you’re a regular internet user, you should know how to take precautions. Here are the best sites which can let you know about the malware affected sites, for instance, Softonic.

Top 6 Sites to Detect Malware

The below sites will tell you about the malware containing sites. There are almost 1.7 billion malware as of now and still counting.

WOT: Web of Trust

Web of Trust or WOT tops the list with its astounding features and the facility for the user review. The site is considered as the best malware scanner left on the internet. This site prevents you from scams, malware, rogue web stores and dangerous links. It is an extension that can be added to your Browser and you can also download the WOT App from Google Play Store.

WOT delivers you the website reports along with the threats and child safety measures. You can see the user reviews on a particular website including three icons that describe the threat level.


Quttera is an online tool which extracts the prominent information from the Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, SharePoint, and Bulletin websites and provides with a nice report comprising the following details.

  • Suspicious files
  • Malicious files
  • Iframes scanned
  • Blacklisted status
  • Potentially Suspicious files
  • External links detection
  • Clean files


Sucuri is compatible with various website platforms ranging from WordPress to Joomla, Magento, etc. The website lets you scan a website for free and provides important information concerning malware. The information provided on the website are below:

  • Malware (Only after detection)
  • Blacklisting website against 10 blacklists
  • Inserted SPAM
  • Defacements

Virus Total

Virus Total has earned expertise in scanning and detecting viruses, Trojans, worms, and other sorts of malware from a site you’ll enter to Virus Total for checking. Virus Total analyzes the suspicious files from those sites by taking help of multiple online scanners like Kaspersky, Dr. Web, Netcraft, Cloudstat, Malware, Cybercrime, etc. Moreover, the site is completely free to use.

Qualys MD

Qualys Malware Detection or Qualys MD runs a continuous scanning against your website with an actionable report associated with the infected code for remediation. The easy to use dashboard makes the malware detector one of the best among the others.

Qualys MD provides an easy configuration and an option which alerts users whenever an issue is found.

Google Safe Browsing

Top 6 Websites and Tools to Detect Malware and Threats – Be Alert!

Google has its own Malware checker. If you want to get a quick tour of malware detection before visiting a website, Google safe Browsing can help you with its awesome facilities of producing a report that says if the website you’re going to visit is safe or not.

Checking a website is as easy as entering the URL on its search bar and following that, Google will go through your content and tell you whether the site’s content has issues or not.

So, that’s how the malicious websites can be arrested red-handed. But sometimes these sites are also unable to portray the right picture. You can find an article on Layerpoint which has given the answers to all your concerns regarding the malware and malicious websites. So, if you want to dig more into the malware and internet threats, visit Layerpoint today.

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